About Us

Body Art Solutions is the United States Distributor for two high quality manufacturers: Science Option Labs Inc. (SOLabs) in Toronto, Canada, and Trust BodyModification in Mannheim, Germany. Together, we manufacture and distribute what we feel are some of the best products for the Body Art Industry.  
We are focused on fulfilling the specific needs of Professional Body Modification Artists. We strive to provide safe and effective products exclusively designed to help Professional Artists work safely, efficiently and effectively. These unique skin care products are researched and developed in consultation with experienced educators, successful studio owners, tattoo artists, piercers, laser technicians, chemists, biologists & regulatory experts.
The Canadian facility used by SOLabs manufactures under strict cGMP guidelines and quality-assurance standards in compliance with Health Canada and FDA regulations. Innovation and product improvements are made with Best Practices, Artists and Clients in mind.
SOLabs has developed the only industry specific and antimicrobial products designed to work effectively together, either in your Studio, or for Aftercare, to prepare, protect, and preserve your Body Art.
PurKlenz, PurTect, PurSan and PurRinse are free of parabens, fragrances & dyes, and contain
no alcohol. They offer a perfect combination of clean, safe, and high-performance products.